Privacy Policy

Daypage tracks the bare minimum

Most companies these days plan to monetize the data they collect about their users, Daypage does not. Daypage has been planned from ground zero to very easily be profitable and bootstrapped, thereby eliminating the need to bank on monetizing user data, and removing the need to collect so much of it.

However we do collect some data about users to function at a minimum level, and are happy to disclose the information we collect in this privacy policy, and what we plan to do with it.

What Daypage Collects

Daypage collects and stores user Slack messages, various Slack ids and tokens, and user settings such as reminder preferences. The information we gather will not ever be shared or given out to any third parties, and will only be used to provide functionality to

Daypage uses cookies stored by your browser to control sessions and enable basic site funcationality.

Daypage uses Google Analytics which also stores cookies through your browser. None of this data is stored by Daypage.