About Daypage

Every team can improve, Daypage helps you get there

Daypage is a productivity journal for Slack that you write in every day. It's a Slack Bot that you talk to and your conversion is recorded as an Entry for that day.

Viewing your teams entries across time periods is really easy, making Daypage a great way to stay up to date with everyone and let them know of your own progress and issues.

Everyone's entry's will be slightly different, but they will all have something in common: the fact that you took some time out of your day to think, and write stuff down. That one moment of daily reflection, when done over a long period of time, can improve you and your teams work more than anything else you could do. That is the essence of what I hope to accomplish and give to people when they use Daypage.

There are other components of Daypage that enhance the effects of this reflection such as progress tracking, reminders, next-day summaries, group collaboration, and more, and they are awesome. All of the features work toward making you better.

Who made this?

I did, my name is Conrad Frame. I am an engineer living in northern San Diego, California. I like to code and figure things out, surf, play video games, and most importantly, spend time with my family.

You can reach me on twitter @conradframe or email conrad@devlabtech.com.